UPM 50 Black Flame Baseball Pitching Machine
$349.99 $349.99

Louisville Slugger

UPM 50 Black Flame Baseball Pitching Machine

$349.99 $349.99
Colour: Black
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Product description

Step up your game with the UPM 50 Pitching Machine Black Flame from Louisville Slugger. This fiery machine delivers precision pitches with style, keeping you on your toes and ready for the big swing.


  • New additional speed lever for throwing hard balls up to 50 mph
  • Throws light flight balls at speeds up to 60 mph
  • Interchangeable components for different pitch types, from strikes to longer and higher fly balls
  • Throws any type of ball, including plastic, dimple, restricted flight, hard ball, and softball
  • Completely portable and mechanical, no need for electricity or batteries

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