Senior Novium Pro 85 Hockey Stick
$399.99 $399.99

Warrior Senior Novium Pro 85 Hockey Stick

$399.99 $399.99
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Product description

Elevate your shot accuracy with the Warrior Senior Novium Pro 85 Hockey Stick. This ultra-light carbon hockey stick features a 25k weave carbon fibre and responsive blade for superior shooting precision.


  • Features a stiffer Bevel Taper for increased control and velocity on shots
  • Lightweight Minimus Carbon 25 shaft uses a 25K weave carbon fibre for enhanced puck feel and control
  • R.L.C. 199 extremely light carbon composition and thermoplastic-toughed epoxy resin for velocity, feel and control
  • FuelCore Ultra polymer blade for enhanced feel and pop; Minimus Carbon 25 weave around the core for less weight and increased strength

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