Senior Super Novium Hockey Stick, 85 Flex
$429.99 $429.99


Senior Super Novium Hockey Stick, 85 Flex

$429.99 $429.99
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Product description

Play to win with the durable Warrior Senior Super Novium 85 Hockey Stick. The V-shaped taper is designed to make it stiffer for superior performance. Lightweight design ensures easy handling.


  • Specially designed for a powerful kick combined with a stable release
  • Ideal for a versatile 2-way player on the ice
  • Bevel taper is designed to be stiffer throughout the taper and softer up by the hands for greater control and velocity on shots
  • Lightweight and durable carbon construction for greater strength and balance
  • Fuelcore blade technology enhances puck feel and makes shots pop
  • Composite layering around the blade core keeps it stronger for long-lasting use

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