Youth Alpha LX2 Pro Hockey Stick
$119.99 $119.99


Youth Alpha LX2 Pro Hockey Stick

$119.99 $119.99
Colour: Black
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Product description

The Warrior Alpha LX2 Max boasts Warrior's unique Saber Taper, delivering a stable, potent, and controlled release with exceptional precision that will leave goalkeepers stunned. Alongside an ergo shaft shape, the Alpha LX2 Max nestles comfortably and securely in the players' hands, boosting puck sensation and granting players the supreme control they require on the ice.


  • Features Warrior's exclusive Saber Taper
  • Provides a stable, powerful, and controlled release
  • Delivers pinpoint accuracy
  • Ergo shaft shape for comfortable and secure grip
  • Enhances puck feel and control on the ice

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