Senior Genesis Slo-Pitch LHT Softball Fielding Glove
$139.99 $139.99

Louisville Slugger

Senior Genesis Slo-Pitch LHT Softball Fielding Glove

$139.99 $139.99
Colour: Black/Blonde
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Product description

Unleash your inner fielding legend with the Louisville Slugger 2023 Genesis SP Fielding Glove, LHT. Its sleek design, durable construction, and superior performance help you create jaw-dropping plays on the field.


  • The Genesis Slowpitch Series features soft leather material that requires minimal break-in, allowing players to start using the glove right away
  • With minimal break-in required, these gloves are perfect for players who want to hit the field without delay, making them suitable for both seasoned players and weekend warriors
  • Designed to meet the needs of every player, the GENESIS Slowpitch Series offers exceptional performance and durability, ensuring reliability for both casual and competitive play
  • Black/Blonde colour in size 13

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