Senior Ultra Ultimate Hybrid Goalkeeper Glove
Price reduced from $159.99 to $119.98 $159.99 $119.98 (25% Off)


Senior Ultra Ultimate Hybrid Goalkeeper Glove

Price reduced from $159.99 to $119.98 $159.99 $119.98 (25% Off)
Colour: White/Blue/Orchid
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Product description

The PUMA ULTRA ULTIMATE HYBRID is a cutting-edge goalkeeper glove crafted to cater to the requirements of the modern goalkeeper. With its lightweight fabric and exclusive GRDXKN print technology, this glove ranks among the lightest and most flexible options available. The newly designed backhand incorporates targeted enhancements for improved grip, cushioning, and optimal ball control in any playing condition.


  • Lightweight and Flexible: The gloves feature a lightweight fabric construction and utilize the exclusive GRDXKN print technology, making them extremely lightweight and flexible for improved performance on the field.
  • Superior Grip: The gloves come with a 4mm latex palm that offers exceptional grip, allowing goalkeepers to confidently catch and hold the ball.
  • Negative Cut Design: These gloves feature a negative cut design, which provides a snug and comfortable fit, enhancing control and feel for the goalkeeper.
  • Hybrid Construction: The Ultra Ultimate Hybrid Gloves combine elements of different glove styles, such as negative and rollfinger cuts, to offer a unique mix of catching ability and finger support.
  • High Precision and Accuracy: The gloves are designed with precision and accuracy in mind, ensuring high comfort and performance for the modern goalkeeper.

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