PowerTube Elite Heavy Resistance Tube
$25.99 $25.99

PTP Fitness PowerTube Elite Heavy Resistance Tube

$25.99 $25.99
Colour: Orange
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Product description

Build strength and power with the PTP Powertube Elite Heavy, designed to withstand intense workouts. This compact, super portable training tool allows you to put your fitness first anytime, anywhere.


  • Heavy resistance tube with 12.4 kg tension for strength and endurance training, and muscle growth; easily add more resistance with the built-in clips
  • Compatible with PTP Power Handles (for upper body workouts), Ankle Straps (for lower body workouts), Door Anchor (for home training) and Outdoor Anchor
  • Innovative anti-snapping Inner Cord Technology for unrivalled safety
  • Premium latex tubing manufactured through a continuous immersion process
  • Includes exercise guide that targets all major muscle groups

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