SuperBand Heavy Resistance Band
$49.99 $49.99

PTP Fitness SuperBand Heavy Resistance Band

$49.99 $49.99
Colour: Black
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Product description

Do more pull-ups, chin-ups and dips with the PTP Superband Heavy. Designed to help you achieve your optimal fitness results, this versatile resistance band can also maximize your functional fitness and agility workouts.


  • Designed for users who can already do pull-ups/chin-ups and dips and want to perform more reps
  • Made from durable multi-layer latex; heavy resistance
  • Seamless, continuous loop design for added safety and ease of use
  • Versatile band is also suitable for stretching pre- and post-workout and agility training exercises by running against the resistance
  • Weight Range: 45.4-54.5 kg; Length: 100 cm

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